Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You're Looking Pretty Hot There, Surf Baby!!

17 May 2011- PRO members
26 May 2011 U.S.
May 2011- International

[Products that I purchased]

 MAC cosmetics has launched several new collections this year, which a lot of them did not interest me. I tend to feel that a lot of the collections that are launched, are just repeat items in different packaging.

 When I was first told about the Surf Baby collection, as usual, I was a bit skeptical; but after seeing photos and reviews--I immediately became interested. Now, for those who love MAC, we all know that a lot of the collections, sometimes, are hit and miss--but we always seem to love the collections that are launched during Spring/Summer, at least I do. LOL! I dont know if its because I have a thing for corals and pinks, blues and purples, greens and teals... but I do know that it just seems that I am always satisfied with the Spring/Summer collections...That is why I had to get my hands on the Surf Baby Collection.

[My Paradise Cheeky Powder]

A coral blush, with a gold overspray, that can be used alone as a highlight or combined with the blush, for the perfect sparkling affect. 

[Swatches of My Paradise Cheeky Powder]

L2R: Coral Blush, Gold Overspray, Coral and Gold Overspray combined

[SHORT SHORTS e/s]- Frost (Frosty Champagne)

[SURF USA e/s]- Frost (Frosted Teal)


[SURF USA applied with a base- NYX black bean jumbo pencil]

[SHORT SHORTS applied with a primer- Too Faced Shadow Insurance]

My Overall Thought:
This collection was just as I expected...Various items, great packaging, get pigmentation... both the blush and eyeshadows. I honestly am in love with this collection! I believe that it was worth every cent used to purchase. I do wish that I would have purchased more of the items from the collection, along with backups for the cheeky powder. I will be placing another order as soon as most of the items are back in stock--YES, within a few days.. a few, high demand items, sold out.