Sunday, May 15, 2011

E.L.F Tinted Moisturizer

As Summer approaches, all of you who are into makeup, whether light coverage or full coverage, will have to somehow, someway, add or take away one product to suit your skin for the season change. Now, as a makeup artist, who's use to wearing medium-full coverage, pretty much everyday... I have to changed my products to suit my skin. I do know that I can not comfortably wear full coverage foundation in the summer, due to my type of skin. I have combination skin, and my makeup will melt off in the heat! LOL!

As I searched for something that would suit my skin, both dry and oily, I came across E.L.F tinted moisturizer w/ SPF 20. That's really great because I do NOT plan on wearing heavy foundation during the day, once summer approaches..unless I'm doing a makeup gig or something.. 
This tinted moisturizer seemed to be everything, in one, that I was looking for...= Moisture for my dry areas, SPF to protect my skin from the heat rays, tinted product to match my skin tone, light coverage...A WINNER. Although it seemed like a Winner in store, I bought it to test it out at home..
When I got home, I tested it by pairing it with a full coverage concealer, & I fell in love! By GOLLY, this seemed to be magic in a tube!! Lol! It was sooo light weight, seemed to have a great coverage, and kept my face feeling fresh! I loved it so much, I went back to my local K-MART and bought two more tubes! LOL

  • Very Inexpensive- $3.00
  • Light Weight
  • Summer friendly
  • Window on tube to see color of product
  • Blends easily into skin
  • Great coverage for just a moisturizer
  • Great packaging
  • Doesn't have a horrible scent like some products
  • Color variety is scarce

Do I recommend this product? YES!!!

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