Hey Yall!

So... to avoid repetition of answering the same questions.. I figured that I could answer all of your questions here on the FAQ's page.

1.) What race are you? African- American

2.) Are you in the Army? No. I'm in the Air Force

3.) How long have you been doing makeup? Are you a professional makeup artist? I have been doing makeup for a total of 5 years. I am a PROFESSIONAL makeup artist, because I work in a professional manner, making sure to deliver service in the most professional way possible. I have extreme confidence in the work that I do, so clients do feel comfortable with hiring me for gigs.

4.) What type of camera do you use? For photos: Canon Vixia T1i/Nikon Digial Camera
For filming: Canon Vixia Camcorder/ Flip Ultra HD camera

5.) Can you film a tutorial or review? Sure. Please submit all requests to the address listed on the Contact Page