Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My Heart Beats For Fashion! Does yours?

*Simple & Casual*

On Sunday, Day 2 (the last day) of IMATS, I decided to go with an outfit that was simple and casual, yet still really cute. I tried to keep the entire look as simple as possible, to include my FOTD. Although there were still tons of people there, I really didn't feel like putting forth the strength, time, and effort to get SUPER GLAMED up- ever heard of less is more?... It's the TRUTH. :)

My 2nd Day of IMATS OOTD includes the following:

Blue Ruffle Blouse: *Wet Seal*- $17.80

Ivory Shorts: *Urban Outfitters*- $44.00

Brown Wedge Sandals: *Rugged Wearhouse*- $12.00

Brown Beaded Bracelet: *Wet Seal*- Price Unknown

Brown Bug Sunglasses: *Wet Seal*- Price Unknown

Beaded Earrings: *Body Central*- Price Unknown

Dark Brown Leather Bag- *Place & Price Unknown*

Brown Ring- *Forever21*- $4.80


  1. you look gorgeous. I love this outfit!!

  2. love this outfit - the shorts are too cute and love the affordable shoes - gotta love it!!