Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag Inspired

If you're anything like me, you loveeee nice handbags and shoes, to compliment your outfit of the day/night. Looking nice can be a bit costly, depending on what you choose to pair together. My theory has become shopping for less, and accenting with a statement piece.

I've always been into large handbags, so when my eyes landed on the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag, my heart began to melt...But, the cost of 875.00, made my heart ACHE.
THAT is NOT shopping for less. LOL!

I went on the hunt for cheaper bags that were similar, but nothing met my craving.
One day my friend Michelle, BeautyandtheBlog23(here on Blogger), posted a post about an Inspired Rocco Handbag by Alexander Wang... and this is when I finally found my REPLICA.
Now, some may feel that wearing knock offs are fashion mishaps... I feel that wearing replicas are shopping smart. Not everyone, can afford multiple authentic handbags..especially if you're anything like me and will wear the same hangbag for a while, and then toss it into the back of the closet.

I found my inspired A.W. Rocco handbag on Ebay for only 35.00. That's a steal!!!! The only thing that I did notice about the bag, was that it did not come with a shoulder strap; Other than that, the bags are almost exact in appearance. So yeahhhh... I purchased it! :)

Now I'm satisfied with a great statement piece...for less.

- Very inexpensive
- Great Quality Faux Leather 
- Spacious
- Light Weight
- multiple colors to choose from

- Does not come with shoulder strap
- Leather Material isn't strong enough; does not keep duffle bag form on its own.

Where to Find: Ebay- Type in "Rocco Duffel Studded Celebrity Bag"
What Would I Rate This Item? A-
What do you think about this handbag? Leave feedback below.


  1. I'm running to EBay right now! Great post!

  2. Hey Chica ;) Just watched your Motives cosmetics review on Youtube and thought I should stop by and gives you a 'Thank You' for the wonderful review. Helped a whole lot on making my decision. ♥ your blog xoxo-Chelise from http://empirestatebeautyqueen.blogspot.com/