Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blog Sale- (CLOSE)

*Click on Photos to Enlarge*

How to Buy:
1. Must be a Subscriber to Blog and Youtube Channel
2. Leave a comment below stating what you would like, your youtube name, as well as a valid 
email address.-- approved purchase notification will be sent to you if item is available. To leave a comment. Click Blog Sale under Popular Posts on the Left and scroll to the bottom of post for comment box.
3. All Photos will be marked with the word "Sold", when someone purchases item.
4. Buyer must make immediate payment. -Within 24 hours- to my paypal account:
5. If payment is not made in 24 hours, the item will go back up for sale and previous buyer will not be allowed to buy in future blog sales.
6. Better offers can be made if there is something that you really want, as long as the person that has requested to buy does not make payment before you request with better offer.
7. All items have a shipping rate of $5.00. if more than one purchase is made, combined shipping is available.


MAC full size pigments- full!- 1 for $12.00
(L2R) Reflects Rust, Vintage Gold, Pink Pearl

Sephora Creme EyeLiner- 2 for $12.00

*Brand New* EyeStudio- 4 for $15.00

*Brand NEW* Urban Decay Lipstick (1)-$12.00
(L2R) Revolution, Buzz Kill, Confession


  1. Ok I figured out how to post I’m interested in the mac pigment either color, 3 any color of the Jessie girl shadow , paint pot . name on youtube is bccwildcat05

  2. ok if im not too late i want the green and pink dereon sneakers...faceitbylo (your daughter)

  3. How many out of the 8 Revlon PhotoReady's are brand new? & also, how much of the used ones are used?

  4. i would like the milian baked lushes please.Imtrying to pay but cant figure it out how to do it.Please help

  5. i figured i out and i paid it thank you cant waite to recieve them

  6. Layfilio- all 8 shades are brand new.
    St3phy- received payment- is ur paypal smarro or something like that? Lol

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  8. I'm not too sure if you mentioned it but are you only shipping to US or to Canada as well?

  9. St3phy- you items will ship tomorrow.
    LayFilio- I can ship to Canada dear, shipping would have to go up to 10.00 though.

  10. Hi I would like the urban decay 24/7 i believe my you tube is flower2003 or lilflower2003
    email is

  11. Hi, i would like the UDPP in Sin, both the Wet N Wild Palettes. (& is it possible to buy only a few of the Revlon PhotoReady's? or do i have to buy them all?)

    youtube: laaay27

  12. What are the colors of the Pigments, your sale isn't that informative.

  13. Are the wet n wild palettes available

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  15. LayFilio- How many shades are you trying to purchase? I am actually trying to keep it together as a set for beginner makeup artist. it works well with learning how to mix and blend colors together.

  16. What's the best shipped with/dc for vintage gold & pink pearl pigments? email response to, thanks.

  17. hi
    can i get Brand NEW* Juicy Couture 3.4 fl oz Perfume- Original Price- 78.00
    Sale Price- $45.00 AND *BRAND NEW* Urban Decay Primer Potion- Sin -$10.00
    my paypay:

  18. The wet n wild palettes are no longer avaiable.

    Lily- I am emailing you now

    Wei- the sin primer has been sold.
    You can still purchase perfume. Submit payment to paypal. Will mark item as sold when paypal gets payment. Total is 50.00 for item & shipping.

  19. More clear - Best price shipped with delivery confirmation for the vintage gold & pink pearl pigments?

  20. @lily Best priced with shipping confirmation would be 7.00 so total 32.00