Tuesday, August 16, 2011


What is Sleek Makeup?
  • Sleek Makeup is a cosmetics line, headquartered out of London, who's main focus is to present fashion-trendy colors, and to provide products that all skin tones could use, especially skin tones who are misrepresented by mainstream cosmetics lines.
  • Sleek Cosmetics is stocked at the local drugstores throughout Europe, and has merged its way to Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.
I ordered 9 items:
True Colour Lipstick- Stiletto $6.00
True Colour Lipstick- Papaya Punch $6.00
Face Contour Kit & Dual Ended Brush $13.00
Curacao I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette $10.50
I-Divine Primer Palette $10.50
Caribbean collection Blush- Aruba $6.50
Blush- Rose Gold $6.50
Blush- Flushed $6.50
Blush- Scandalous $6.50
Shipping Cost: $13.50
  • True Colour Lipstick

These lipsticks are classified as "matte", but contains vitamin E, so they still glide on smoothly!! I was extremely happy about the pigmentation of these lipsticks because I have been on a hunt for a nice coral lipstick that is true to it's color, as well as a deep red for the Fall. :)
[Left to Right: Papaya Punch, Stiletto]
  • Curacao I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette
Literally, just looking at the palette before swatching, I knew that I was now #winning!! :)
The colors are sooooo bright and it's pattern gave me hope!! & I was right.

Plastic Film with the name of each eyeshadow!
  •   Sleek Makeup Blush
Great Packaging!

^^Name of Each Blush^^

These blushes are so beautiful. I could not wait to open my package to swatch the heck out of these bad
boys! lol.

The intensity of the blush pigmentation is to die for. When purchasing without being able to physically see an item,  it can be a bit scary; only because you're not sure if the product will show up on skin, like it did on the computer screen. You will always have the doubt that it's not as PIGMENTED as it may look, when you can't swatch the product! Well with Sleep Makeup.. what you SEE is definitely what you GET!

  •  I-Divine Primer Palette

Anytime an eyeshadow is being used, a primer or base should be used to help with creasing, longevity, and enhancement of color.
Collecting different colored primers can be quite costly, if purchased individually, so when I saw this I-Divine Primer Palette, I knew it was a MUST-HAVE.
Amazed by the cost, I made sure to purchase it. 
Swatches First Row:
Swatches Second Row:

  • Face Contour Kit

I was ecstatic about this Contour Kit, because it came as a set includng the dual ended contouring brush! :) Not to mention that the brush came with a traveling case! 
The Contour Kit came in three different shades: Light, Medium, & Dark
I purchased: Medium

Special Thanks to Michelle, from BeautyAndTheBlog, for her amazing postings about Sleek Makeup; And to the determination and willingness to do months and months of research, I finally decided to place an order with Sleek Makeup! Well.. let alone the fact that it took months for my to figure out that the website offered US shipping, and I was overlooking it the entire time!
Shipping was AMAZING and FAST!! Packaging was superb! I was extremely IMPRESSED! :)

My Overall Thought: My experience with Sleek Makeup was phenomenal! I couldn't have been anymore satisfied! Fast shipping, Great packing, Great products, great service, & a great asset to the beauty community!!
Have You Tried Sleek Makeup? What is your thought on this brand?
If you have not tried Sleek, do you think you will in the near future?


  1. I just made my first sleek order, now I just have to wait till it arrives! #excited!

  2. Would looove to see a look with the "orange" (not sure of the name) blush!!

  3. I ordered 12 items from Sleek and 2 did not arrive. I've contacted them through the website (the only way available) many times within these 2 weeks since the package came and still have yet to hear from them. It's very upsetting for 2 reasons. The 1st is that I've lost money, they've essentially stolen from me. The 2nd is that there doesn't seem to be any repercussions. Who do they answer to? Who holds them accountable? I have no idea what to do or who else to contact. Although I'm happy with the items that actually showed up, I say SHAME ON SLEEK.

  4. I love sleek also! I am 43 ...old enough to be your mother lol but I admire you. My husband retired after 24 years in the U.S. Navy. We are in San Diego now but originally from Norfolk Va. I would love to do a collaboration with you! valady9@gmail.com Mrs. Virginia Brown