Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sassy Saturday: Modern Trendy

Sassy Saturdays: Modern Trendy
We're off into Fall Season, where clothing colors tend to be a little more toned down... Not saying that one can not wear WHATEVER color they want, but saying that toned-down colors during fall brings the Fall appearance. I decided to pair a few toned complimenting colors together- sort of like color blocking!

I have listed and photographed every important piece to the outfit below!
Hope you Enjoy!! 

Mustard Short Sleeve Shirt- Forever 21

Teal Fedora Hat- Forever 21

Salmon Zipped Skinny Jeans- Forever 21

Greenish Grey Wedge Boots- Forever 21

Camel Gold Stud Duffle Bag- Love Culture

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  1. i would diffently wear this the hat and boots especially love this look!!